Blood & Bone | Available Today!!!



artwork by Taylor Harpster (cover) & Perry Shall (design)

TUESDAY | JUNE 30 | 2015

The day has finally come!!! We have officially released our second full-length album, Blood & Bone! Up for sale on CDBaby right now. Due to backup from Apple’s new music service, our iTune’s store will be up later this week.

Releasing albums ourselves, with our own money and equipment, can be trying and super expensive… but there is nothing better than seeing it for sale, being listened to by people whom we love and care about, everywhere in the world. We can’t thank all of you enough for your support… this has been a long time coming. We love you all!

Please click here to buy and download Blood & Bone!


SATURDAY | JUNE 27 | 2015

Hey folks, “SIDE B” of Blood & Bone is now available for your listening pleasure at – or on the music player on the right-hand side of our website here.  Today is your last chance to stream the new songs before Tuesday’s release, but you can pre-order the album on our bandcamp page at any time prior!



FRIDAY | JUNE 26 | 2015

We are both excited and proud to announce that our sophomore album, Blood & Bone, will be released on Tuesday, June 30.  The release will be digital only for now, but we are working to get vinyl copies pressed in the near future, and they will be available both live and from our website store.  We’ve been working on this album for the last two years, and we couldn’t be happier with how it sounds.  We feel blessed and honored to have had so much help from incredible talents like:

Jon Low (mixing engineer |

Ryan Schwabe (mastering engineer |

Taylor Harpster (cover art |

Perry Shall (addition artwork/album design |

…along with contributing musicians David Clark (piano/keys), and Reid Kelley (trumpet).

THANK YOU GUYS!  Currently, we are streaming “SIDE A” of the record on our Bandcamp page which you can find on the right hand side of our website, or by visiting  Tomorrow we will be streaming “SIDE B” prior to releasing the album in its entirety on Tuesday (for all you curious folks – check in for more new songs!).

Again, we’d like to thank everyone who helped us create this record along the way – our friends, families, fellow musicians, and everyone who has been a part of the ride since we began writing/recording these songs.  Our deepest gratitude.

We hope you enjoy!

– canyoucanoe|HQ –


photo by Kirk Smith (